Join us on March 1-8, 2024 6-11 pm for

Alcott's Online Auction

Get ready to have some fun, and all while supporting our wonderful kids and school! There are fixed price buy-in parties, unique school opportunities, and all other auction items start at only $5!

Join us on March 9, 2024 6-11 pm at the Ivy Room for

Mystique: A Night of Intrigue


Alcott's 2024 Spring Benefit

This weeklong event will kick-off with our silent auction from March 1st-8th and leads up to our main event, Mystique: A Night of Intrigue on March 9th. The goal is to raise funds for Phase II of our Makerspace, a lab that encourages creativity, success and even failure as students plan, execute and redesign projects that positively impact our school, community, and world. Consider donating a gift card, product, service or buy-in party to our silent or live auction to help raise money for this important cause!

Alcott's 2024 Sponsors

Thank you to our Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Friends sponsors!

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