Alcott's Core Values

Challenge & Growth:
We believe in challenging all of our students, no matter what level, and that educational progress is best measured by growth. We believe that making mistakes is necessary to learning and want our students to grow stronger by learning from those mistakes.

The Whole Student:
We believe in focusing on the whole student, including intellectual, social, emotional, and character development. We want our students to be confident, and we want them to be happy.

Engagement & Exploration:
We believe in engaging students by setting high expectations and tapping students' natural curiosity and creativity. We want our students to explore, take risks, make mistakes, and find various ways to problem solve so they may succeed in the future.

We believe in cultivating wisdom in our students, so that they know how to ask the right questions, where to get data, how to analyze that data, apply judgment and arrive at solid conclusions.

We believe in collaboration among and between students, teachers, parents and community partners. We want our students to create partnerships and learn to work well with people of all backgrounds and experiences.

We believe in nurturing community. We want our students to feel a sense of support, acceptance and belonging as well as a sense of responsibility to fellow students in our local and global learning communities. We value and celebrate diversity.

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